In the Dzongkha language, Trongsa name means “new village”, which is a town that is in central Bhutan. It is believed that the first temple in Trongsa was built in 1543 by the great-grandfather of the man who unified Bhutan.

Here, you will find the Chokhar Raptentse Dzong, which is also known as Trongsa Dzong. This dzong is one of the largest fortress monasteries in Bhutan. Trongsa Dzong was built in 1644 on a mountain spur high above the gorges of the Mangde Chhu. From history, it can be found that the complex was used to be the seat of power for Wangchuck dynasty and was enlarged several times during 18th century.

Trongsa Dzong today is an important administrative building that plays a home to the government of Trongsa District as well as also serves as a major monastic complex with around 200 monks. The dzong is guarded from enemies by Ta Dzong Watchtower, which stands higher up on the mountainside.

One can experience a regal importance in Trongsa town as all Kings of Bhutan are first given the title of penlop or Governor of Trongsa. The entire landscape around Trongsa is spectacular and stunning, which attracts huge number of tourists every year.

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