I visited Bhutan along with my elder brother and my son from 24/0402019 to 30/04/2019. We are all nature lovers and found Bhutan is a perfect country to visit.

We read and heard about Bhutan being a carbon negative country and felt and understood the same when we had fresh air to breath and fresh organic food to eat. This was possible due to the good arrangements done by Bhutan Old Monk for our stay during these six days. This included

1. Air travel booking from Kolkata to Paro and back.

2. All four star accommodation at Thimphu. Punakha and Paro. Including breakfast and dinner.

3. All local travels with a full time car with a driver Mr Jivan who was very special.

During our stay in Bhutan there were regular follow-ups by the management of Old Monk to make our stay comfortable at all times.

Mr Jivan had a very friendly attitude throughout our journey in Bhutan. He is fluent in conversation in local language in Hindi and also in English which helped us in all communications required either during our shopping for our lunch. For entry into monastery etc etc. Jivan was a good friend. He was a good guide. He was a go good driver. And he was a good translator.

Overall we confirm that we enjoyed our trip to Bhutan and that trip became comfortable due to Bhutan Old Monk And it’s staff. I will gladly use them again if need arises.

We are all nature lovers and found Bhutan is a perfect.

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