My trip to Bhutan was very spontaneous. I had less than a week to plan the trip and make all my bookings. I decided to use travel triangle to find an agent as I just used the site before and was happy with the service.

The first response I received was from the Bhutan Old Monk team and they were very prompt and helpful. As the trip was very last minute, I had just a few days to plan and arrange everything and the team especially Suman was really helpful with making changes to the itinerary as I needed. Suman was constantly in touch with me to ensure everything was going well. Even while on my vacation they were able to provide me with assistance when needed. Yadop met me on my first day in Bhutan. I requested him to change my hotel as the location wasn’t convinient and he got it changed within a few hours. Jeewan was an exceptional driver/guide/photographer/genie (lol) throughout the trip. He was very helpful and even offered to drive me around in the evenings because I was travelling alone and he was afraid I would get bored. My solo trip turned out to be a lot less solo than expected but I really appreciated the hospitality.

Bhutan is an amazing and wonderful country that I visited by chance because it was convince to travel to, required no visa and was completely safe for a woman traveling alone. I would encourage more Indian, solo, woman travelers to visit this beautiful country and experience the beauty and tranquility of the land of the thunder dragon!

My trip to Bhutan was very spontaneous

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