I’m glad to introduce myself as Aryan Raja. I went on a trip to Bhutan on 23rd of May 2019 with my brother and my father for 6 days.
Earlier, our original plan was to visit Europe and spend our holidays in Paris, Italy and Switzerland but due to some pending work issues we couldn’t travel to Europe.
While we were thinking of some place to spend our holidays, one of my close friend referred me to Mr.Yadop from Old Monk Travels and told me he had a nice experience when he had travelled to Bhutan through old monk travels and said that I must visit Bhutan. So, At the last minute we called up Mr.Yadop to ask if he could arrange any vehicles, guides in Bhutan and book hotels for 3 of us for 6 days. He immediately replied and tried his very best and booked us the hotels we asked him, in less than 24 hours. I don’t think anyone could have done that in that short amount of time. It was a crazy experience for both of us.

We booked for all the sightseeing city tours that Mr.Yadop recommended. He made all the arrangements as efficient as possible yet relaxing in that short amount of time. We stayed for 6 days in Bhutan (2 days in Thimphu, 2 days in Paro and 2 days in Punakha). We visited numerous monasteries, museums, tried various Bhutanese foods and did adventures like rafting and hiked to the breathtaking Tiger Nest, which should be the eighth wonder of the world for it’s spectacular beauty.

We had a great pleasant trip altogether. I recommend old monk travels for anyone who is willing to travel to Bhutan and have a lovely unforgettable experience for a lifetime. Mr.Yadop is by far one of the best travel agents I had come across in recent times. He took a great care of us and was very sweet, helpful and humble and we felt like we had found a lifelong friendship in this short span of time

Arrangements as efficient yet relaxing

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